Free ScreenShot taking app

I rely on Snagit to take screenshots, there are free apps and browser extensions offer closer features to that of Snagit, meet QuickScreenShots free and portable screenshot taking app allows to take screenshots painless, easy, quickly and efficiently.

QuickScreenShots with intuitive and user friendly interface sits on the system tray allows to take “Full desktop screenshot”, “Active window screenshot” and “Region screenshot” from its app window without need of keyboard shortcuts. This app does offers system wide keyboard shortcuts .

By default this app auto configured to start with windows, Auto Copies screenshot to clipboard, plays sound on screenshot and includes mouse cursor in screenshots. You can configure this app’s Preferences to -  Auto Save, Auto Rotate, turn screenshot to Black &White color and to Automatically apply shadow effect.

QuickScreenShots available as portable and installer, if you’ve already another screen capturing application installed better to test its features using its portable version.

Download QuickScreenShots