Some processes needs to run continuously in Windows such as Windows Explorer, Firefox and other image editing programs for daily use, if any of the app related to running processes hangs due to particular reason, we need to close them and restart those apps again (ex: Explorer).

ReStartMe is a freeware app lets you select some of the running processes or you can add a new program manually and have them monitored, if any process closes this app will restart it automatically.


Using ReStartMe

Installing ReStartMe is quick and simple, but its executable will be found in “Program Files” directory after installation than in” ReStartMe” directory.

Run ReStartMe, click “Add a Process” button then “Add New Process” window pops up you can select any process from running processes list or browse for new program’s executable by clicking “Browse for a Program” .

select process to be monitored

Once a process is selected ReStartMe remembers and watches that process, similarly you can add several processes and let them monitored by this app. If any app related to process closes unexpectedly you’ll see that app running again as ReStartMe automatically restarts that process.

ReStartMe with intuitive interface lacks multiple addition of processes with a single selection. This app can be minimized to Tray and can be protected with a password to prevent others from adding or removing processes and closing ReStartMe.

ReStartMe works in Windows XP/Vista/7.

Download ReStartMe