Few months back Avast 6  released with AutoSandbox technology and WebRep plugins for browsers, and these two features got more hype, but a little useful feature wanted by lots of users gone unnoticed is addition of “Reset now” button in Avast 6 (all versions). This button in the Troubleshooting section of Settings allows users to reset Avast Settings to their default values.

How to Restore AVG Default Settings

Restoring Avast Default Settings

If you’ve made a lot of changes in Basic and Real-Time shields in Expert settings and can’t remember what you’ve done, Avast 6 allows to restore its default settings, but all customization of the program will be gone and this cannot be undone.

1. Open Avast User Interface.

2.  Open Settings>Select Troubleshooting section on left hand side> on right side click Reset now button under Restore Factory Defaults.

reset avast settings