Lot of people familiar about App Store for Android and Apple, even there is app store for Windows too from Allmyapps, “Pokki” brings web apps to your Windows 7 desktop and allows to install Web Apps called “Pokkies” with a single click.

Pokkies are not links to websites or icons to launch apps instead they are web-connected desktop applications developed using web technologies such as HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript. These Pokkies have their own user interface and differ from UIs of web apps such as Gmail, Twitter and Facebook. Pokkies are not widgets that pull information from web and shows statically. 


Installing and using Pokkies

Download any featured Pokki from Pokki site and click “Continue button”  to install in your Computer. Once a Pokkie is installed  apart from its icon Acorn icon also added to the Taskbar which allows to add more Pokkies from 8 featured Pokkies at present to the Taskbar with a single click.

installing Pokki

For us “Gmail for Pokki” took lot of time to download, once the download is finished Pokkie installed quickly.

Benefits of Pokkies

Pokkies are useful to display real-time notifications and allows one click access to apps from from the taskbar.   Pokkie is good at

  • Showing Notifications and friend requests
  • Updating your status for web app such as Twitter
  • Getting latest headlines from News websites.
  • Accessing and playing content for ex: music, movies, Games, news etc..

Types of Pokkies

There are two type of Pokkies: Web related and standalone ones.  Pokkies tied to Web (talking about present 8 featured Pokkies) drives users to the web. Standalone Pokkies are just runs apps. We can’t see more uses of Pokkie than use as desktop Notifier and Email client.