With the recent buzz about Apple news apple fan boys are eagerly awaiting for Mac OS X Lion,  if you’re a Windows user you should know portable app called JumpPad brings OS X Lion’s Launchpad feature to Windows.

JumpPad is windows version of OS X Lion’s Launchpad, allows to access Start menu items and programs you use most often without the need to navigate to start menu or search for cluttered desktop icons. This program lists all items on start menu by default and this app is activated when mouse pointer is moved to top left hand corner of the screen- you can choose to select any one of four corners of screen as hotspot.

Program’s options can be accessed by clicking the green” tick”  button on top of right side of JumpPad and can be configured easy by any user such as changing icon’s size. On the first run splash screen displayed for a  brief info about using JumpPad to get you started.

Assigning large folders to the program may slows down system, take up some memory and may freeze JumpPad as it needs to extract icons in folders and its sub folders,  but “JumpPad 2” still useful enough as it allows windows users to taste Apple upcoming OS X Lion’s Launchpad feature.

JumpPad v2 new features

  • Better icon extraction
  • Better memory management
  • Six Assignable icons to folders
  • Progress bar on top to let you know JumpPad is working.
  • Decent memory footprint.

JumpPad is freeware and portable (no installation required), works on Vista and Windows 7 Aero must to enabled to work.

Download JumpPad 2