Are you confused now to choose which one to use between “Opera Next” and Opera 11.50 final if both installed in your Computer? Opera following similar development cycle to Chrome and Firefox to introduced “Opera Next” to let users to test upcoming release features in alpha, beta versions and at the same time they can install and run Opera Next simultaneously with Opera 11.50 stable version without any problems.

Opera Next and Opera side by side comparison

Difference between Opera 11.50 and Opera Next

In fact you can easily distinguish Opera Next and Opera stable version by their appearance as they have different application icons, distinctly colored Menu icons, distinct settings and distinct auto-update behavior.

Opera Next with White icon will be installed at “Opera Next” directory in “Program Files”. Stable version Opera files won’t be modified. Opera Next auto-updates every time a snapshot appears on the Opera Desktop Team blog.

After two-months of development cycle Opera 11.50 final codenamed “Swordfish “ released today. At present Opera 11.50 and Opera Next have same version number and Opera Next will update to next development version once new snapshot is released.

Conclusion : Opera Next is intended for testers, developers and advanced users. It is prefer to use and rely on Opera stable for every day browsing and use Opera Next to taste upcoming releases