We’ve covered how to get Windows 8 like Start Screen for Windows 7 with Omnimo 3.1 for Rainmeter, as we mentioned in that article, Fediafedia released Omnimo 4 skin freeware which exactly brings Windows 8 Start screen for your Windows 7. If you don’t know, at D9 conference, Microsoft unveiled user interface for Windows 8 for touch devices like tablets tile-based Start Screen is a feature aimed at touch screens replaces Start Menu with customizable, scalable full-screen view of apps.

How to install Omnimo 4

1. First you need to install Rainmeter 2 or higher in your Computer. Installing Rainmeter 2.1 Beta is better as it adds Aero Glass, NowPlaying and Twitter functionality.

2. Download Omnimo 4 skin pack, extracts its contents to a folder, double-click “SETUP.rmskin” to install Omnimo 4.

Omnimo 4 Setup

3. After the installation, from Omnimo 4 setup screen select your settings, then select Start Screen theme from “Windows Phone 7”, “Windows 8 Start Screen” and “Blank theme” after that, click the highlighted resolution and you’re done.

Omnimo 4 Settings

4. Your Windows 8 Start Screen for Windows 7 is ready, you can add or remove by clicking + button on the desktop and then click on the panel you want to add.

Omnimo 4 works on Windows XP, but Windows Vista/7 is required for Aero glass effects.