We’ve recently covered about Omnimo 4 which brings Windows 8 Start Center to Windows 7, Mosaic is freeware tool brings Windows 8 Metro UI and its live tiles to Windows 7. Though By default Mosaic shows Clock widget on the screen, you can add widgets, pin apps and websites on the screen from Mosaic menu to fill the tiles with apps and widgets.

Mosaic - metro UI Live Widgets on Windows 7

Using Mosaic

Download and extract Mosaic contents to a folder. Run Mosaic.exe file, click with the mouse cursor on right border of screen to bring up Mosaic Menu.

Mosaic supports WPF and HTML5 widgets and uses IE9  engine in your Computer, if installed. You can select and add widget from Mosaic menu, some widgets you can try are – Clock, Control Panel, Desktop, Gmail, Lock, Me, Video, Weather and Pictures.  HTML widgets appear only in full screen mode.

If you found widgets covered by windows then click on right border of screen to bring them to front.  You can remove widgets by right clicking on the widget icon and clicking “remove” button. From the “Options” in Mosaic menu You can disable widgets animation (if you annoyed with them) and you can enable full screen mode having said HTML widgets visible only in full screen. You need to restart Mosaic for the changes to take effect.

Except from Weather widget we found remaining widgets are link to apps, Control Panel and System Items. Mosaic is still in alpha stage, may stop responding/ hangs for some times.

Download Mosaic