WebSockets used to create interactive communication between a browser and a server, and this technology is used to build Multiplayer Games, HTML5 chats and much more. Mozilla dropped WebSockets support for Firefox 4 (Opera also dropped support for their browser due to security concerns) and recently added back to Firefox 6 Aurora channel, currently Chrome and Safari supports WebSockets. If you’re wondering how to know whether a Browser supports WebSockets? You can use simple JavaScript code in the address bar of browser to find out, and here is how.

Find any Browser’s Support for WebSockets

Firefox 4 not supports websockets

Open the Browser, and paste the below code in the address bar and press enter.

javascript:alert(“WebSockets are ” + (window.WebSocket ? “” : “not “) + “supported”);

websockets are supported

WebSockets not supported browser

Here above screenshots shows Opera and Firefox browsers doesn’t support WebSockets dialog box where as Chrome supports it.

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