Google announced Google+ project which aims to fix relationship with friends and relatives online through real-life sharing. With Google+ you can group your friends, relatives into different categories and selectively connect and share info with each group.

Google says people use real-life circles to express themselves and share precisely with the right folks. Using Google+ is easy : create a circle, add your friends/relatives and share the information.

getting invited for Google

Getting Google+ Invitation

At present Google+ is available on Android market and the mobile web and soon will be available on App Store. Google+ is still on Field trial and you can join it by invitation only.

To get Google+ invitation officially from Google visit this page,fill & submit your first name and email and Google will invite you to join their Google+ project.

Join Google  project

Update 06/08/11 : OK, folks we’ve 150 invites left, use the below link to sign into  Google+ with your Google account username and password.