We’ve already covered several posts on how to bring various Windows 8 features from leaked  builds to Windows 7, recently leaked Windows 8 build  7989 (X64) includes Betta fish Boot Screen (Microsoft used Betta fish wallpaper during beta stages of Windows 7, same here using in boot screen of Windows 8, so Windows next version beta is nearing), a Deviant art user Misaki2009 created “Windows 8 Boot screen” skin which enables Betta fish boot screen for Windows 7.

Windows 8 Boot Screen

Microsoft Readies Special Video Page for Windows 8 Consumer Preview on Bing with Betta Fish

Using Windows 8 BootScreen Skin

1. Download and extract Windows 8 BootScreen contents to a folder. This skin has two files: Windows 7 Boot Updater and skin file.

2. Run Windows 7 Boot Updater and save your current boot screen from File menu by clicking Save boot Skin as (don’t forget this step) .

3. Now select Load boot skin from File menu and select Windows 8 Boot skin aka Windows 8 BootScreen ALPHA extracted earlier along with Window 7 boot Updater.

Windows 7 Boot updater

Download Radian Boot Screen for Windows 7

4. You can now play and view the Windows 8 Boot Screen animation from Windows 7 Boot Updater, after that, click ‘Apply’ button.

5. Restart your Computer if Windows prompts. Voila! Windows 8 Betta fish boot screen ready for Windows 7.

Download Windows 8 BootScreen