We used to install lot of applications for our need of working with office documents, playing  media files, archiving tools and more – you don’t even need them as single application Free Opener allows to open over 75 file types like MS Office, Adobe PDF, music and video files.

Free Opener

 Free Opener may not offer the full functionality as of individual apps offers for various files, but Free Opener can work as Powerful Document Viewer and opens DOC/DOCX, XLS/XLSX/CSV files without need of installing Microsoft Office in your Computer  .

This app can become your Media Player plays both audio and video files of many popular formats. You can able to view various image format files with this image viewer.  You don’t even need PDF Reader as this app can open PDF documents and  70 +  other files easily. Free Opener supported file formats are listed here.

PDF file opened in Free Opener

Apart from opening above file types this app can open Flash, RAR, PSD ,text files .If you’re lazy to install all required apps for your needs you can use Free Opener to open and view them just to save hard drive space, CPU performance and time.

Free Opener is freeware, works on  Windows XP/Vista/7.

Download Free Opener