We recently read Mozilla’s recent research about New Tab Page for Firefox and Mozilla wants to offer something useful to navigate for users instead of blank New Tab Page like Chrome’s new tab page with Most visited sites, Recently Closed tabs, and Opera’s Speed Dial Mozilla today released an experimental Prospector add-on Predictive Newtab which may integrate into Firefox in future.  This add-on predicts from your browsing history and well-organized bookmarks and offer suggestions where to go from new tab page.

Predictive Newtab stats from firefox

According to Mozilla Labs Prospector blog Firefox searches for  similar websites from your bookmarks and recent browsing history to that of currently viewing website when you opened new tab next to it. Firefox displays some stats (see the screenshot above)  includes Score, frecency (measure of frequency and recency) hub is a page out algorithms and heuristics believe is good candidate for being a “home page” or important page on  a website. BMEngine indicates whether search result came from bookmark tag.

For us this plugin not offered any suggestions instead it showed No Predictions can be made page which still useless when compared to blank page. May we don’t have well-organized bookmarks? what this plugin offers when we open new tab page when viewing blank new tab page? some questions to be answered.

No predictions can be made

It’s still new to understand for Firefox user, but Firefox understands better of you if you’ve well-organized bookmarks (works without bookmarks too but not well), Predictive Newtab does all the predictions inside the browser and no personal information is sent .

Predictive Newtab is restartless, experimental add-on at early stage still not a polished product but gives insight into what Mozilla to offer for New Tab Page for Firefox in future.