Firefox Plumber

Firefox 4 optimized for speed and performance when compared with Firefox 3.6 and its earlier versions, Firefox was famous for eating system resources and memory leaks Firefox 4 somewhat better.  Still Firefox 4 consumes lot of memory when too many tabs are opened/Firefox runs for a long time thought so by developer Rizone thus developed free portable tool Firefox Plumber which eliminate these memory leaks.

Read Memory Restart, allows to Restart Firefox if It’s Memory Usage is too High

All you need to do download archive, unzip its contents and double click FoxBoost.exe to let Firefox Plumber to eliminate Firefox’s memory leaks. How far this is true? and how effective Firefox Plumber in removing memory leaks of Firefox? let us find out.

Firefox Plumber runs in the background as FixBoost.exe process and looks for Firefox.exe process and reduces memory consumption by using Windows API calls. We found this tool effective in reducing memory leak from 450 MB to 2MB for Firefox before and after the use of tool.

One downside of this tool is it also runs in background consuming CPU usage 15-18% in our observation (may vary in your system). So Firefox memory usage can reduced where CPU usage taken too much by Firefox Plumber in comparison with Firefox in CPU usage.

Firefox Plumber may be useful for instant use and to save some memory which you value it.

Download Firefox Plumber