Firefox 5 final is officially out and is the first browser to support “Do Not Track” for multiple platforms – Windows,  Mac, Linux and Android . Mozilla boasts 1000 improvements in this release and is yet difficult for users to see changes between Firefox 4 and Firefox 5 versions except for performance improvements. Portable Apps released portable edition of Firefox 5 which you can grab and surf from anywhere from your flash drive.  Firefox for Android supports Do Not Track privacy feature.

Firefox 5 Portable Edition

Installing and using Firefox Portable

If you know all the new features in Firefox 5 without much delay download Firefox 5  portable from below and install its contents to your pen drive. All necessary files will be installed in Firefox portable directory. Double-click FirefoxPortable.exe to start using it.

With Portable Firefox you can carry all your settings, bookmarks, add-ons  wherever you go and no data will be saved to Computer you are browsing from and your privacy is protected

Download Firefox 5 final Portable