Avast yesterday released Beta version Avast 6.0.1184 which soon to be available as program update for all free/pro/internet Security users, this beta release addresses some of issues and improvements from older Avast v6 builds but a new feature CreditAlert has been introduced in this build.

Avast Beta

Avast CreditAlert

Avast’s partner ID Watchdog is offering its credit report monitoring and alert feature for free   to Avast users (US customers only) and this feature currently integrated in yesterday released Beta version.

 Avast is offering two products

CreditAlert Free  – monitors your credit report and notify via Avast if any change occur

CreditAlert Premium – monitoring + gives full access to your credit report + Credit scores, from 3 US credit bureaus   (price is set to $9.95/month)

Avast CreditAlert feature in UI

US Avast users shouldn’t be worried about pop-up alerts they‘re going to receive from Avast for CreditAlert as “Avast CreditAlert” feature is actually value-added service and won’t be visible in Avast UI unless you  sign up for that service, confirmed by Avast.

Download Avast beta with CreditAlert feature