Windows Operating Systems have limitations in utilizing Hard drive space more than 2048 GB (2.2 TB), Asus Disk Unlocker freeware utility specially designed for Asus motherboards overcomes this limitation and allows all drive space beyond 2048 GB  range to be identified and used to their maximum potential .

Using Asus Disk Unlocker

Asus Disk Unlocker with intuitive, user-friendly interface is easy to use. Download and install this tool in your Computer and immediately it’ll  enable access to hidden space. This Disk Unlocker works with every Asus motherboard.

This utility shows hard drives with capacity larger than 2048 GB in the Drive drop-down list. Unallocated space created by Disk Unlocker appears in Virtual Drive field and requires to be partitioned for further usage.

Read  the Asus Disk Unlocker User Guide for more details.

Download Asus Disk Unlocker

Note: Asus Disk Unlocker is designed exclusively for Asus Motherboards and should not be used on motherboards of other manufacturers.