If you create email accounts and profiles on social networking sites and you don’t use them (with in the deactivation period) there is chance of your personal information in those accounts to fell in wrong hands because of weak passwords and can be misused for illegal things which no one wants. AccountKiller is an online service that offers direct links to removal of email accounts and public profiles on social sites which helps novice users a lot without much search in Account settings or on internet in deleting online accounts.


Concerns with Email accounts and Public Profiles on Internet

Facebook users may worry a lot about the personal information they share with their friends and unknown persons such is the case with Gmail as users worried Google knows too much about their surfing habits and personal information. Once you create a public profile it will be visible to all on the web Ex: Google Profile.

Every one knows email services like Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail and others social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook offers supports pages in detail how to delete your account rather than battling with account settings or searching the web, AccountKiller offers links to sites support pages and account deletion links.

AccountKiller Provides instructions on how to remove accounts or public profiles on most popular sites such as Skype, Facebook, Windows Live, Twitter, Google, and many more. This site even helps by Blacklisting the sites that doesn’t allows to delete accounts once accounts are created.

AccountKiller shows popular services and details for each site such as – how many users using them, ease of service with color, link to site, account deletion link.