We’ve recently covered about Microsoft Safety Scanner which scans for malware in your PC and removes them automatically if any found/detected Microsoft released recovery tool called Microsoft Standalone System Sweeper for Windows users to start an infected PC and perform offline scan on it to find and remove malware and rootkits .

Microsoft Standalone System Sweeper tool

Microsoft Standalone System Sweeper should only be used if you

  • not able to start your Computer due to viruses or malware in your PC
  • can not install or start antivirus in your Computer such as Microsoft Security Essentials

Requirements to use this tool

  • Internet connection
  • A blank CD/DVD or USB drive with at least 250 MB  free space.

Using Microsoft Standalone System Sweeper

Download 32-bit or 64-bit version of the tool for your PC depending upon architecture of Windows and run it to create standalone system sweeper on CD/DVD or USB drive  or an ISO file in your hard drive to save and burn the image later to CD or DVD .

creating standalone system sweeper

This tool will download necessary files by connecting to the internet once download is complete your bootable media (CD/DVD/USB drive) with standalone system sweeper is ready to start your Computer in a safe environment.You need to be downloading these files on non-infected Computer.

Download Microsoft Standalone System Sweeper

Note : Microsoft Standalone System Sweeper Tool is in Beta, freeware and not a complete replacement for antivirus.