Mozilla chosen faster development release cycle from Firefox 5 onwards, much like Chrome users able to taste the upcoming new features through Canary, Dev and Beta channels Firefox users too can try out the new versions from the experimental Aurora, Beta and Release channels. Users using Aurora channel can switch between Firefox channels using development channel switcher in Aurora without the need to install separate channels, you can revert to regular or stable version whenever you want easily.

About Firefox channels

Aurora: This version is experimental build with new features may not be stable as beta intended for testers to submit feedback.

Beta : This version is more stable than Aurora (has the features of Aurora) and will be available for public for testing .

Release : This version is final and stable version used by millions of people around the world.

Switching between Firefox channels

You need to be using Aurora channel first, download from here.

1.Open Aurora, click Aurora Menu button>Help>about Aurora

2. From “About Aurora” dialog window click “Change”  link

change from Aurora channel

3. Select the update channel between Release, Beta and Aurora click “Apply and Update “

switch between Firefox channels

New channel will be downloaded and installed after restart of Firefox you’ll be on the new channel, you can switch to other channel from the current channel using above method.