Hide Chrome's omnibar

Google Chrome is the browser with minimalistic user interface and Chrome team is still working hard for minimal interface for Google Chrome, they are testing an experimental flags feature which allows us to hide Chrome’s address bar you need to be using Chrome canary build to test this feature.

To enable this feature, download Canary build from here.

1. Type about:flags in the address bar and press enter.

2. Now scroll down and enable “Compact Navigation” feature and restart Chrome.

By enabling this feature “hide the toolbar” entry will be added to tabstrip’s context menu. You can right click on the toolbar and select “Hide the toolbar” to hide the Omnibar to save space.

You can get the address bar by using Ctrl +L shortcut or displayed as drop down box whenever new tab is opened. This experimental feature may or may not get to stable channel.

Hiding the address bar may not liked by lot of users so Google may still shows address bar by default and leaves the choice of hiding it to the users when this feature actually lands in Stable version.