Security researchers identified serious vulnerability in WebGL -which is turned on by default for Firefox and Chrome browsers – allows attackers to run malicious code on users Computers. We’ve covered how to disable WebGL in Firefox 4, here is how to disable WebGL in Google Chrome browser.

WebGL brings hardware accelerated 3D graphics to the browsers without need of installing additional software. A Security consultancy company Context has more details about the vulanerability in WebGL and the best way to stay secure is to by disabling WebGL in Browsers.

According to the page at Context “this vulnerability allows attackers to provide malicious code via a web browser which allows attack on the GPU and graphics drivers. These attacks on the GPU via WebGL can render entire machines unusable.”

Disabling WebGL in Google Chrome

November 30, 2017 Update: Google has added WebGL 2.0 support to Chrome browser in version 56, and offered an option to disable WebGL in flags.

FYI, Chromium team has recently removed the WebGL 2.0 flag (#enable-es3-apis) from Chrome 63.

If you’re desperate to turn off WebGL in Chrome 63 or later versions, you can by installing the below extension.

Disable WebGL extension

After that you can visit this link to confirm WebGL status in Chrome.

May 31, 2017 Update : In Chrome 57 or above,

1. Visit chrome://flags or chrome://flags/#enable-es3-apis

2. Use to Ctrl+f to find webGL2.0 setting and set it to Disabled.

3. Relaunch Chrome browser.

1. Right click on Chrome shortcut on the desktop, click Properties  append

-- disable-webgl

after chrome.exe in the Target field as shown below in the screenshot.

disabling webgl for Chrome

2. Click “Apply” and ‘Ok’ to save changes.

Update: Even better one, try this: just visit chrome://flags/#disable-webgl in browser, click on ‘Enable’ link, scroll down to bottom and click on ‘Relaunch now’ to restart the browser for the changes to apply. Update: The flag is no longer available, it has been removed by Google, you better try running Chrome with command line switch mentioned above to disable webGL in browser.

We can confirm this will disable WebGL for Chrome as you may still get “Browser could not initialize WebGL” message when you run any one of WebGL experiments in Chrome, check the screenshot below.

Browser Could not initialize WebGL

We’ll update this post if we found more official information if any from Chrome team or from other sources on the current issue. Stay tuned.