Microsoft adding another layer of security, IE9’s SmartScreen Filter as  “SmartScreen File Checking” feature to Windows 8 to prevent from malicious file downloads into Windows 8 Windows Explorer. Lot of users annoyed with User Account Control (UAC ) feature in Windows Vista/7 and  most people intentionally disable that feature, so Microsoft adding SmartScreen File Checking feature to their next Windows Operating System.

windows 8 smartscreen file checking

SmartScreen File Checking Feature in Windows 8

According to LongZheng blog post “ SmartScreen appears to serve two purposes – to reactively check the file system and proactively prevent any downloaded applications from running that are unknown to filter. “

SmartScreen File Checking feature will be enabled by default in Windows 8 and can be turned off from Folder Options.

IE9’s SmartScreen Filter checks user visiting links and file downloads against their malicious links database and warns user in visiting malicious links/downloading suspicious files from Internet Explorer.