win8 iso image file check

With Windows 8 builds leaking on internet, you never know you could end up downloading an infected Windows 8 ISO file to your Computer from some torrents sites.  If you’re in doubt whether downloaded Windows 8 ISO file is real or fake Windows 8 ISO Verifier will help you in that regard.

Windows 8 ISO Verifier

Since these builds with larger size may contains malware, you shouldn’t be hurried to burn and run them from DVD. You can use Windows 8 ISO Verifier, a small tool developed by Windows 8 Center that checks Windows 8 image file in your Computer and tells whether it is legitimate image file or not.

How to use Windows 8 ISO Verifier

  • Download and run the tool
  • Select Windows 8 ISO image  in your Computer by clicking “Browse”
  • Select language and click “Check ISO” button in tool program window

If it’s a  fake one or not downloaded from  trusted sources, you can delete it and search Google to get legitimate image. This tool tells sources of builds leaked for example checking downloaded Windows 8 Build 7850 ISO image shown as build leaked from BetaArchive.

Download Windows 8 ISO Verifier