Yesterday Microsoft announced first platform preview of Internet Explorer 10 at MIX if you’ve installed IE10 platform preview in your Computer you should know you can run both IE9 and IE10 platform preview together at same time on Windows 7 systems. However IE10 platform preview is not full-fledged browser, lacks user interface and other features when compared to IE9 and will be buggy if you want to uninstall IE10 platform preview here is how.

Uninstalling IE10 platform preview

1.This first platform preview will be installed as a program instead as a update when compared to IE9 final, however IE10 platform preview 4 and later builds require updates to install in your Windows 7 systems.

Hence installed IE1o platform preview 1 will appear in Programs and features than in “installed updates” in Windows 7.

2. To uninstall it open “Programs and Features” in Control Panel, select Windows Internet Explorer Platform Preview as shown in the screenshot and click “Uninstall”.

uninstalling IE10 platform preview

3. IE10 platform preview will be uninstalled from your Computer ,Restart your Computer when Windows prompts.