If you don’t know Windows 8 Milestone 2 build 7955 build has been leaked and available on various torrents for download, we’ve covered various tools to unlock hidden features in Windows 8 build 7855 such as Windows 8 Tweaker and Windows 8 BluePosion, Red Pill is a small tool unlocks hidden features in build 7850 and 7955.

Red Pill for 7955 build

Red Pill tool unlocks following features in build 7955

  • Modern Webcam
  • Metro Login
  • TaskUI
  • PDF Reader
  • Immersive Browser
  • Pattern Login
  • Application Folder

According to the  discussion in BetaArchive thread this tool unlocks features in 7955 build.

How to use Red Pill for Windows 8 Build 7955

  • Run TakeOwnership registry file downloaded from below
  • TakeOwnership on "C:\Windows\System32\slc.dll"
  • Rename "C:\Windows\System32\slc.dll" to "C:\Windows\System32\slc-old.dll"
  • Copy "slc.dll" downloaded from RedPill 7955 folder in "C:\Windows\System32\"
  • Reboot

Download TakeOwnership

Download RedPill 7955

Via WinBeta.it 

Update : Post and links are edited and updated .