Since a long time I am looking for an add-on like “Restartless Restart”  for Chrome to restart Chrome with a single click, luckily there is an extension available for Firefox 4 browser (not for Chrome let me know if any such extension exists). It’s always pain to manually restart the browser after making some changes to options for changes to take effect.

Restartless Restart add-on adds restart option Firefox menu

Restartless Restart  is a restartless add-on adds “Restart” menu item to the Firefox menu or to the File menu in Firefox. After installing this extension, whenever you need to restart Firefox browser click “Restart” button from Firefox/file menu to restart the browser. You can also use the Ctrl+Alt+R shortcut to restart Firefox 4.

QuickRestart add-on does the same but it works with Firefox 3.x only.

You can install/uninstall/enable/disable this add-on without need of a browser restart, hence name Restartless Restart.

Download Restartless Restart