Recently Google AdSense team made available globally new AdSense interface for all AdSense publishers, if you’re using Old AdSense interface for a while to check your AdSense earnings and control Ads and switched to New AdSense Interface to by clicking “Try New AdSense Interface” link on right side corner of screen from old interface you can be greeted with blank page instead of reports and revenue stats (check the screenshot below).

new adsense inteface blank page

This issue faced by me in Firefox 4 and IE9 browsers, here is how to switch from new AdSense interface to old interface if you logged into your AdSense account and experiencing blank page issue.

With blank page you can do nothing than visit on New tab and sign out from there.  Next time you logged into AdSense, again you’ll be on New AdSense interface with blank page,  to switch to old interface visit and you’ll land on older interface.