By the time I published about Nero Kwik Media I haven’t downloaded and installed it onto my Computer,  since it’s a huge 174 MB file will take time to download. Nero Kwik Media includes Ask Toolbar in the installation package (as same with Nero BurnLite 10), so ask toolbar will be installed automatically once you install Nero Kwik Media. Here is how to easily install Nero Kwik Media without installing Ask Toolbar.

1. Download Nero Kwik Media to your Computer.

2. Run Nero Kwik Media setup file and let “Nero Install Wizard” to extract all install files to temporary folder in your Computer.

Nero Install Wizard

3. Once the files extraction is over, Nero Install Wizard appears as below click “Cancel”

4. Now type “%temp%” in Run command box, open  "NeroInstallFiles”Folder in it and then open NERO folder (appears something like NERO2011041332323..)

Nero Kwik Media setup file

5. Now open Setup configuration settings file (opens in notepad), scroll download to bottom and select and delete PreReq14= Ask Toolbar.prq entry and save changes to Setup configuration file.

6. Now run Setup file in NERO folder and Nero Kwik Media will be installed without ask toolbar.

You can also install Nero Kwik Media as  usual without the above method and then uninstall installed Ask Toolbar from your Computer, its your choice.