Today Avast released v6.0.1091 final with support for Chrome WebRep plugin which we talked earlier If you’re using Chrome Canary only in your Computer then Avast WebRep plugin won’t be installed for Canary, you need to manually install WebRep plugin for Chrome Canary, here is how.

Chrome Canary WebRep Plugin

If you don’t know Chrome Canary build can be run along with either stable or developer or beta builds. FYI I am using Canary build only in my Computer to know the changes and upcoming new features in Chrome releases.

Installing WebRep Plugin for Chrome Canary

1. Open Avast directory in Program Files

2. Open WebRep folder>Chrome here you can find WebRep extension for Chrome “AswWebRepChrome.crx” ,


3. Shift +Right click on it, copy its path and paste on Chrome address bar, remove the quotes and press enter to insall the extension, the path of extension should be as below

"C:\Program Files\AVAST Software\Avast\WebRep\Chrome\AswWebRepChrome.crx"

4. WebRep plugin for Chrome Canary will be installed.

Note: You can’t install WebRep for Canary from WebRep section in Avast User interface as Chrome icon appears grayed out with no install link being provided.