I am using Nitro PDF Reader 1.4 since some time for now, as update for Nitro PDF Reader (v1.4.1.1) released wanted to launch Nitro Reader and click “Check for Updates” to upgrade to the latest version, but in vain ): on opening the PDF Reader, it stopped responding for some time had to close the application by clicking “Close the program” dialog shown by Windows .

Nitro PDF Reader is not responding

Fixing Nitro PDF Reader hangs/Not responds on Startup

1. Since there isn’t much of customization we do to the settings of Nitro PDF Reader we can uninstall it and install latest version. All changes made to settings will be lost after uninstalling Nitro PDF Reader.

2. Uninstall Nitro PDF Reader. Shutdown (no restart) and Restart your Computer again.

3. Download and install latest version from here and run Nitro PDF Reader, this time app opens properly without any problems.

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