Google today released new version of Google Toolbar 7 for Internet Explorer by adding Google Instant support. Google Toolbar 7 don’t slows down your IE browser, this toolbar with new look offers tools you use most to access Google services.

There are many advantages of Google Toolbar mostly for knowing page rank and using Google translate services, now  with addition of Google Instant search to the toolbar while you type queries in the search box search predictions and results appear instantly.

Enabling Toolbar Instant in Internet Explorer

“Google Instant for Toolbar in Internet Explorer”, Toolbar Instant is not enabled by default, you can enable Toolbar Instant for Internet Explorer by Click Toolbar Settings>Options under “Search features” select “Enable Instant for faster searching and browsing” and click Save changes.

Enable Toolbar Instant for IE

 Toolbar Instant works for IE8 and IE9 only. Google Toolbar 7 currently available in English and will be available soon for other languages also.

Download Google Toolbar 7 for IE by visiting this download page in IE browser.

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