Yesterday Opera 11.1 final released with  revamped Speed Dial , Opera Turbo and other enhancements Speed Dial in Opera 11.1 is much improved offers auto zooming and live content of dials. You can add unlimited number of dials too. These are all contributes to more prettier Speed Dial or new Tab Page in Opera but will eat your system resources as well if you want to disable Speed Dial in Opera 11.1 codenamed Barracuda or to get blank page as New Tab here is how.


Disabling Speed Dial in Opera 11.1

1.Open browser, in the address bar paste or type opera:config#UserPrefs|SpeedDialState and press enter

2. For “SpeediDialState” preference set its value to “ 3”.  Restart your Opera browser.

disable speed dial in Opera 11.1

3.  Entering the following values for above setting will show changes in Speed Dial

0 : Folded

1 : shown

2:  Read only and always show speed dial

3: Disable Speed Dial.