BitDefender USB Immunizer

Till these Computers and flash storage devices- USB Flash Drive and SD cards around autorun Viruses will exists, blame autorun technology introduced by Microsoft in Windows XP era to autorun CDs/DVDs  to help beginner users, autorun viruses uses this loophole to run infected flash drives and infect your Computer. BitDefender released free tool, BitDefender USB Immunizer to solve this problem.

Using USB Immunizer

USB Immunizer offers two sections. Immunize Computer allows to toggle autorun on/off for Computer as well as removable devices.  After disabling Autorun feature, with the insertion of  infected/ non immunized Pen drive malware in it can’t run automatically to spread the infect your system.

Immunize option immunizes storage devices such as USB Pen Drive and for SD Cards . Immunized USB Flash drive plugged into an infected Computer can’t create autorun.inf file.

USB Immunizer from BitDefender is free to use.

Download BitDefender USB Immunizer