AVG launched AVG LiveKive today, AVG LiveKive is online backup and sharing service from security vendor AVG. This service lets users to store, share and sync files from any device. AVG currently offers free 5GB storage to all users where Dropbox offers 2GB free storage to all users.

Apart from Free 5GB storage to all users, AVG offering 25 GB storages for $49.99 per year and unlimited storage for $79.99  per year. AVG LiveKive available for Windows and Mac. Users need to download AVG LiveKive client software for their PCs or Mac and also need to create an account.

AVG LiveKive

JR Smith on AVG LiveKive (video)

AVG LiveKive automatically backups your data. You can able to share files, folders and music with your friends via share rooms which you can create and monitor with ease. AVG servers encrypts your data with industry’s leading encryption methods, so your data is secured.

Sync files and folders, access encrypted data from any web-enabled device such as iPhone, iPad and android. AVG  LiveKive saves time with incremental backups that upload only documents which have changed.

AVG LiveKive download links for Windows (PC) and Mac

Download AVG LiveKive for Windows 17 MB

Download AVG Livekive for Mac  30 MB