We’ve covered that free app called Taskbar UserTile brings Windows 8  Taskbar User Picture Tile on Windows 7 taskbar, Windows 8 supports Aero Auto-colorization means in Aero mode window color changes according to the color of background on the desktop. Aura free app brings Windows 8 Aero Auto- Colorization in Windows 7.

Aura is a free application calculates average color of desktop background image or active Window icon and sets it as Aero Glass color.

Aura enables Windows 8 Aero Auto colorization in Windows 7

Using Aura

Download Aura Zip file, extracts its contents to a folder and run Aura.exe. Aura has the options to choose “Get color from the wallpaper” and  “Get  color from active window icon”. See the video below.

Aura is freeware, still in Beta. You need to increase windows color intensity in Color settings by opening Personalization if you don’t see any changes.

Download Aura