The most wanted feature Google Chrome lacks till now is “Print Preview” of pages there is a workaround to print preview pages in Chrome by installing IE Tab extension, at least Chrome team is working hard on this and now you can preview the pages before you print at present in Chrome 12 canary build, here is simple way to activate print preview in Google Chrome.

enable print preview in google chrome

1. Type about:flags in the address bar, enable “Print Preview” flag and restart Chrome .

2. Now try to print any webpage with more text in it by pressing Ctrl + P or clicking print button from wrench menu voila! print preview of page shown with four buttons at the bottom which fade out and visible when you hover mouse at the bottom (much like in Chrome PDF Viewer).

3. Use Zoom In/out buttons to Zoom in and out the text on the page for readability.

Print Preview feature working fine at least for now and we may see this feature integrated in Chrome 12 final .