Whenever you turned on your Computer, if you see Mobsync.exe process running in the Task Manager for a minute or two and then disappears. Wondering what Mobsync.exe process is? & Why it is running on startup? How to disable Mobsync.exe, this article will  answer those questions.

Mobsync.exe process running in Task manager

What is Mobsync.exe?

Mobsync.exe  is Microsoft Synchronization Manager syncs files  in the background when you’re connected to a network to make them available while you’re offline. To easily understand you can enable webpages to read offline from Internet Explorer, mobsync.exe will monitor them.

Disabling Mobsync.exe process in Windows 7 /Windows 10

Sync Center in Windows 7/10 help you sync with files in network locations. If you don’t need any files/pages to sync from Internet explorer  or from other devices when connected to network then you can safely disable Mobsync.exe process, here is how.

1. Win 7:  Open Computer>Tools>Open Sync Center> Click “Manage Offline Files” on left

or  Click Start Menu> type “offline files” in the search box  click “Manage Offline Files”

Win 10:  open Control Panel, search for Sync Center, double click to open it, click on ‘Manage Offline Files’

2.  Click “Disable Offline Files” button from Offline Files window.

3. Click OK and Restart your Computer.

Mobsync.exe process won’t appears from now on running in Task Manager on startup.

The content in this article has been updated on February 2, 2017.