Qwiki generates visual presentation of information for a topic, by default will email “Qwiki of The Day “ message to your inbox. You’re agreed to receive “Qwiki of The Day” daily via email when you’re signed up for alpha version of Qwiki ( Now Qwiki is available to all).

Qwiki of the Day

Qwiki will send Qwiki of The Day message with a brief summary about the topic and with a link to watch that Qwiki. Though if you’re using Gmail unless you mark these messages as not important Priority Inbox will show them in Important section, as the days pass by you’re not reading these messages and your inbox filled with unread messages of these.

Qwiki of the Day messages in inbox

You can opt-out of Qwiki of The Day messages by logging into your Account>clicking “Settings”  at the top and by choosing “No Thanks” under “ Qwiki of The Day“  section. You can also opt-out of monthly announcements of Qwiki from that settings page.

opt-out of Qwiki of the Day messages