Autorun viruses are well known for Pen Drive users, if you’ve antivirus installed in your Computer you’re protected against these. These autorun viruses can infect your Pen drive when you plug it into your friends/relatives Computer.  Protect My Disk is a free application protect against these autorun viruses from entering into your pen drive.

Protect My Disk

You don’t need to install this application or it doesn’t  takes any space either in your USB drive. Instead  Protect My Disk creates a special folder of size 0 KB which prevents Windows from copying autorun viruses to your flash drive.

This app doesn’t interfere with antivirus program installed in your Computer.There is a chance your AV may detect Autorun.inf folder created by this app as a threat. If you applied “advanced protection” from this app then antivirus may not be able to delete the folder and you’re fully protected.

Protect My Disk is freeware,  works in all Windows Operating Systems.

Download Protect My Disk