Finally Opera to get hardware acceleration not for Opera 11.10 but for Opera 11.50.  Opera 11.50 Preview build released by Opera for testing purposes if you’re interested go and have a try. 

Opera 11.50 with hardware acceleration

  • Opera 11.50 by default comes enabled with full hardware acceleration on systems with compatible hardware and drivers.
  • You muse have Open GL 2.x compatible graphics card and related hardware drivers for hardware acceleration and WebGL to work. (Read Find OpenGL Version in your Computer with GLview )
  • Future builds of Opera 11.50 will get Direct3D support.
  • For integrated Intel graphics chips, Opera 11.50 will use software renderer .

Opera with hardware acceleration enabled

To know whether hardware acceleration enabled in Opera 11.50 browser, type “Opera:about “ in the address bar if “Vega backend “ listed as “OpenGL” then hardware acceleration is enabled. If not “Vega backend” shown as “software” backend.

Currently this preview build available for Windows users only.

Download Opera 11.50 preview build

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