German Security vendor G Data released free security plug-in called G Data CloudSecurity for Firefox and Internet Explorer users to protect from malware sites. While G Data offers paid Internet Security Suit, this plug-in is not an antivirus instead works with any antivirus installed in your Computer irrespective of whether it is freeware or commercial one.

G Data CloudSecurity

Question arises should I need yet another security Plug-in as Firefox by default provides Google’s safe browsing aka malware and phishing protection, WOT plug-in shows safety ratings for websites and search results in Firefox and IE browsers.

This plug-in doesn’t require any updates, instead it detects malware websites by utilizing data from its users on the cloud and applies projection to all its users by comparing against a list of malware and phishing sites.

After installing G Data CloudSecurity Plug-in a button appears on the browser. When user tries to visit any dangerous site,  this plug-in blocks loading of site and alerts user as shown in screenshot much similar to WOT. However user can allow loading of site at his own risk.

Download G Data CloudSecurity plug-in for Firefox and IE