Still a lot of people use the browser’s built-in downloader to download files from the internet, on the other hand, Free Download Manager and Internet Download Manager (IDM) (Paid app) are also used by users for faster downloads.

If you use IDM, you may observe IEMonitor.exe process (On Windows 8 and Windows 10, this process appears running as ‘Internet Download Manger agent for click for monitoring in IE-based browsers 32 bit’) running in the task manager on startup, let us take a look what is this process? Its use and how to disable it from running (optional from the user’s perspective).

Internet Download Manager Updated to Work with Windows 8.1 and IE11

What is IEMonitor.exe?

Yep, it’s related to IDM. It’s not a virus. IDM uses click monitoring for browsers such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera and other (browsers) to take over and accelerate files chosen to download.

IDM uses a special module called IEMonitor.exe for Internet Explorer and for other IE-based browsers such as Avant and others for click monitoring. This module runs separately from the main IDM process, IDMan.exe in the task manager.

The main use of this module is — whenever you click on a download link on any page in Internet Explorer, IDM takes over and picks up the file to download it quickly.

Set IDM to Shutdown computer automatically when downloading completes

Disabling IEMonitor.exe?

You can disable IEMonitor.exe process by

  • Open IDM user interface
  • Downloads > Options >’General’ tab, and uncheck “Run module for monitoring in IE-based browsers (AOL, MSN, Avant, etc.) “.
  • Click “OK” to save changes.

As a result, IEMonitor.exe process stops running and disappears in the Task Manager.

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By disabling this module, IDM still picks up downloads from IE browser, but may not as quick when the module was turned on. It is completely optional, leaving this process running doesn’t harm your computer.