We’ve covered that Trustware’s BufferZone Pro gone freeware, here is a good news for 64-bit users  Trustware released new beta version of BufferZone Pro supporting 64-bit Windows (till now BufferZone Pro supports 32-bit Windows XP/Vista/7 only).

BufferZone Pro supporting 64-bit

BufferZone Pro creates a virtual environment where you can surf the web, download files and install apps without effecting your hard drive. No permanent changes are made to the system or registry. Even threats active in virtual environment can’t effect your original PC environment.

“This Beta version is the next step in our development of BufferZone  Pro 4.0 . As we enter the Beta phase, we will be engaging with our beta testing community to ensure that version 4.0 exceeds the expectations of our customers. We look forward to hearing their responses to their new version, as well as what other capabilities to continue offering the most superior threat virtualization on the market. We expect the general availability version (GA) will be released in the third quarter 2011” concluded Penosky.

With BufferZone Pro support for 64-bit, users can now migrate to newer 64-bit versions of Windows to take advantage of 64-bit processors .

You need to register to try BufferZone Pro  for 64-bit Windows.