Avira Setup Creator is free and portable application allows to easily create a new Avira Antivir personal edition 9/10 installer in your desired language which includes latest virus definitions from Avira server.

Avira Setup Creator

We’ve  covered that Avira Antivir Builder creates VDF update file from currently installed Avira in your Computer, download and extract the contents from ASC to a folder. Run ASC.exe.

Creating Customized setup for Avira with Avira Setup Creator

1. From ASC UI, choose language to build Avira.exe

2. Choose your option which includes option to create a light setup (ASC light).

3. Click “Start” button ASC downloads Avira setup file, latest virus definitions from Avira server and integrates them to a single setup file which you are ready to run and install in your system.

Avira Setup Creator is freeware.

Download Avira Setup Creator