Update: If you’re not able to uninstall Adobe Reader X from Control Panel, then,try the Cleaner tool released by Adobe

Visit this link: Remove Adobe Reader 9, X and XI with Official Adobe Reader and Acrobat Cleaner Tool. 

Adobe released Adobe Reader X with sandboxing technology dubbed as “Protected mode”, most people may install and use Adobe’s popular PDF Reader but this PDF Reader lacks tab browsing mode along with other useful features offered by current PDF Readers like Nitro PDF Reader and Foxit Reader.

Uninstall Adobe Reader X 10

Uninstalling Adobe Reader X

If you want to uninstall Adobe Reader X  from your Computer, here is how.

1. In Windows 7  open Control Panel>Programs>Programs and Features> Select Adobe Reader X and click Uninstall

For Windows XP open Control Panel>Add/Remove programs>select Adobe Reader X and click Remove

2. Adobe Reader X (10) setup window appears with two options to repair and remove Adobe Reader X, select “Remove Adobe Reader x (10) from your Computer” and click “Next” to let the uninstall process begin.