Mozilla introduced “Switch to Tab” feature in Firefox 4 which avoids you opening of duplicate tab if that page already opened in another tab, all you need to do is type some words from that page in awesome bar where switch to tab appears to switch to that tab. This feature is useful when you opened several tabs, do you want Firefox 4’s “Switch to Tab” feature in Google Chrome? there is an extension for that called Switch to Tab allows to search opened tabs and quickly switch between them from Chrome’s Omnibox.

Chrome's Switch to Tab extension

Enable Firefox’s  “Switch To Tab” Feature for Chrome

Install the extension, type “sw” and press Tab to enter the keywords to use the Switch to Tab.  You can press enter after typing a keyword ( you can type multiple keywords separated by space in the Omnibox also) the extension selects the first match and switches to it or you can choose desired match shown from results shown and can switch to it easily.

Switch to Tab extension is developed on Omnibox API released by Google, so you can expect more extensions from developers allows to perform various commands from Omnibox in near future for sure.

Install Switch to Tab for Chrome