Whenever any user’s daily is out, a tweet sent on behalf of them automatically on Twitter from paper.li to something like “User’s Daily is out, Top stories today via @x @y @z”. But sometimes it is annoying to get your tweets and replies as mentions on paper.li newspaper online, here is how to stop paper.li mentions of you in Twitter.

Stop Paper.li mentions

If you don’t about Paper.li, Paper.li a service organizes links shared on Twitter and Facebook into easy to read newspaper- style format. Newspapers can by created by Paper.li for any Twitter user, list or #tag. Paper.li creates newspaper from your twitter stream, great if you can’t spare time to read your twitter stream.

Paper.li created @NewsCrier twitter account, Paper.li Headlines alerter to ask Paper.li to not ask mention you in daily tweets.  Just Send “ @NewsCrier stop mentions “ as a tweet and you’ll be removed on next update.