Opera Barracuda

The upcoming version Opera 11.10 has been codenamed  “Barracuda “, and its first snapshot build (alpha) is available for download for testing purposes.  Opera will name each version from now on.  Though Opera blog can’t reveal the popular feature in this version (may be Do Not Track  option with the current buzz around, am not sure though), but Opera luring users for sure.

In this Opera 11.1 build Core has been upgraded from version to, Opera considering this as a big change. This Core upgrade implements the Web Open Font Format (WOFF).

More changes to network compatibility has been implemented in this build to make sure Opera is compatible with other browsers.

Noticeable changes in Opera 11.1 alpha build are

    • Disable Cookie2 by default with an option to enable it again.
    • Send more compatible accept header on second request.
    • Disable TLS 1.1  and 1.2 by default.
    • Make redirects from http to https are  labeled secure.
    • Remove the use of master password for client certificates.
    • Added a preference to  disable cross-network protection.

Download opera 11.10 alpha for