disable Avast voice popups

Avast introduced voice notifications for its Avast 5 version for events, such as when virus database was automatically updated, or potentially harmful file is detected. These voice over popups are annoying, its good to know about virus database update or harmful file detection as virus through popups, but these voice notifications are annoying,

Animated Avast icon runs in the tray also annoys a bit, but you can easily turn off Avast voice notifications and its animated tray icon, here is how.

1. Open Avast User interface, click Settings

2. Select Sounds and uncheck  “use voiceover sounds when available“ or you can completely disable Avast sounds by unchecking “Enable Avast sounds” .

disable Avast Voice Notifications

Now to turn off Avast’s animated icon, under Avast Settings  in Appearance under Tray icon “Animate the icon when scanning”.